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Who are we?

Rowan Motorsports, located at Rowan University in New Jersey, is one of the many collegiate chapters of the Society of Automotive Engineers. As a collegiate chapter, we focus on participating in the design competitions that SAE hosts every year. In particular, we participate in the Baja SAE Series and SAE Supermileage Competition.

The Baja SAE Series focuses on applying real world engineering to design and build an off road vehicle that will survive rough terrain. This means that the Baja team designs and analyzes a car in Solidworks, a 3D modeling and simulation software. Once the team is confident the car is structurally sound, the team fabricates the car for the competition. The team then goes to a national competition where they are judged on the design and performance of the car.

The SAE Supermileage Competition once again focuses on applying real world engineering to design and construct a car. However, Supermileage is focused on fuel efficiency rather than surviving rough terrain. As a result, the Supermileage team comes together to design and build a light car, efficient car to bring to the national competition in Michigan.

Apart from the design competitions, Rowan Motorsports provides education for newer members, volunteers in service events throughout the community, and participates in various school events.

Coming Events:

SAE Baja

Auburn, Alabama: April 9th - April 12th

Midnight Mayhem, Kentucky: October 2015

Éprevue Du Nord, Quebec: February 2016

SAE Supermileage

Marshall, Michigan: June 4, 2015 – June 5, 2015